A Song in My Heart

I was incredibly fortunate to grow up in a very musical family. There was always singing and music involved whether it was just working away together, driving on a road trip on, or on a Saturday night when musician friends came to visit. My parents both play guitar and I have some very talented siblings musically, including one sister who has built a wonderful career as a musician. Those memories fill my heart with joy and happiness.

I sing. I have been singing since I was very little and one of my earliest performances, from what I’ve been told, was singing Christmas Carols at a local nursing home. I love singing, but every time I would watch my father play his guitar, I would wish so badly to be able to play. And goodness knows, I tried a few times. I just couldn’t seem to get my arms around it, hold my tongue the right way, and get my fingers to press the strings and strum and… Let’s just say, it didn’t work out for me and I decided that stringed instruments were not for me to play.

In my early twenties, I lived in Northern Canada. Not always a lot to do in the winter in Northern Canada, so I bought myself a portable piano and taught myself to play(ish). I can chord along to a fiddle tune and I know my notes, but it’s purely for my own amusement. It filled a void in my heart that came from being so far from my musical roots at the time.

Last year, the choir I was in did a ukelele workshop and as it turns out, I can play the uke! In fact I love it and now own three of these amazing little instruments. Strings are not beyond me after all!

Once I realized I could play something with strings, I decided that I was going to spread my wings. I not only bought a fiddle, but I have also started taking lessons. It’s been about a month and I am amazed at how far I’ve come in that short time. I do have a fiddle champion (and awesome sister) as my teacher so that might help. So far I’m squeaky and squeaky and kind of awful, but I am proud to say that I can play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star like nobody’s business!! Most importantly I am having a ball trying.

In my mid forties, I have now had occasion to pick out my first recital dress and participate in a group recital for music students. It was such a cool experience to have.

I am loving this musical adventure and I now have hope that someday, I might even get to learn to play guitar after all. In the meantime, I’m going to have fun and enjoy following the song in my heart.


Published by The Artsy Nerd

My name is Tanya Dondale and I live in rural Nova Scotia with my best friend and husband, Matt. I am a Holistic Wellness Coach and Yoga Teacher. My wellness and coaching business is called The Artsy Nerd Holistic Wellness Company. I am passionate about helping people to feel less stressed and more relaxed, facilitating ways to help my clients have more time with family and make time to do the things that they love.

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