49 Things I’m Grateful For as I Turn 49

Earlier this month, I entered my final year of being in my 40’s and it has me thinking about my life and the adventures I’ve had. As I contemplated, the one word that came to mind over and over was the word “grateful’, I have been so fortunate and I’ve learned so much from theContinue reading “49 Things I’m Grateful For as I Turn 49”

My Favourite Job Title Is “Mom”

I seem to have developed a bad habit of doing things after the fact lately and I’ve sent four belated birthday greetings this month alone. Since my arrival into the role of motherhood arrived a few days later than my due date, I guess it’s fitting that my blog about Mother’s Day happens a bitContinue reading “My Favourite Job Title Is “Mom””

May We Raise Them All Equally Well

Earlier this month, we celebrated International Women’s Day and because I don’t always look at my personal social media accounts often, this week I’ve been looking at some older posts from earlier in the month. I saw one particular post to celebrate International Women’s Day that stood out for me. The verse was ” Here’sContinue reading “May We Raise Them All Equally Well”

On Deconstructing Life-An Anniversary of Change

A year ago today,  I shook things up in a huge way! May 17,  2019 was my last day working at the career I had been building for twelve years. It was incredibly hard to walk away from my work family and the years I had spent learning and growing in my field.  It wasContinue reading “On Deconstructing Life-An Anniversary of Change”

Candlelight Walk to Honor Women

On January 30th, 2020, I had the privilege of attending the 4th annual Candlelight Walk to Honor Women in Bear River. The weather was perfect, the moon hanging high amid the trees on this crisp and cold evening. With tea light lanterns made from mason jars, we set out for a candlelight walk around theContinue reading “Candlelight Walk to Honor Women”

A New Perspective For 2020

What an exciting beginning!!! It’s the start of a new year and a new decade. As each year closes and another draws near, I have always taken to making an assortment of lists to begin preparations for the coming year. I list goals and then break them down into sub-goals. I journal about the holidaysContinue reading “A New Perspective For 2020”