My Favourite Job Title Is “Mom”

I seem to have developed a bad habit of doing things after the fact lately and I’ve sent four belated birthday greetings this month alone. Since my arrival into the role of motherhood arrived a few days later than my due date, I guess it’s fitting that my blog about Mother’s Day happens a bitContinue reading “My Favourite Job Title Is “Mom””

May We Raise Them All Equally Well

Earlier this month, we celebrated International Women’s Day and because I don’t always look at my personal social media accounts often, this week I’ve been looking at some older posts from earlier in the month. I saw one particular post to celebrate International Women’s Day that stood out for me. The verse was ” Here’sContinue reading “May We Raise Them All Equally Well”

On Deconstructing Life-An Anniversary of Change

A year ago today,  I shook things up in a huge way! May 17,  2019 was my last day working at the career I had been building for twelve years. It was incredibly hard to walk away from my work family and the years I had spent learning and growing in my field.  It wasContinue reading “On Deconstructing Life-An Anniversary of Change”